Vagabond Koi Rescue is unique in that it is one of the few rescues that do it on a large scale. In the  years since it's inception Vagabond has rescued over 3,000 koi with the odd turtle, catfish, hifin and other pond aquatic life.

This service is provided FREE!

Vagabond is a donation driven effort and donations are always welcome. We also take used equipment and will either use it at the Sanctuary or sell it to add to our operating funds

I can however tell you that all money that is donated to Vagabond goes directly into the rescue and rehoming program. YES 100%, no salaries, no perks, and no grabbing of donated material for personal use. I do this because it is my passion and the more I do it the more passionate I get about it.

      For the first few years I muddled by with whatever I could salvage and put to use. I then started to gather up new or gently used equipment and put it into service. The newer equipment was way more reliable and made it so I could provide better care to the fish. 

As far as donations go, it isn't enough to cover everything, all the time. I have been able to help some folks out and have asked them to donate the money to the Sanctuary. I also have 2 steady pond cleaning jobs that are preformed by Vagabond and all proceeds go directly into the rescue. This has provided me the opportunity to purchase new equipment or to correctly repair other equipment.

I have taken the K.O.I. Certified Koi Keeper Course, they graciously offered me a scholarship. I have also attended 2 Wet Labs, AKCA and K.O.I. and continue to educate myself on koi health and how to maintain a pond.

Just think  3,000+ fish since September 2013. WHERE would they have gone prior to Vagabond. Where did they go? 

Please if you can, donate to the rescue. I will take anything pond related, food, equipment and of course money. 

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